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Why my column in webdatagrid didn't hide after databind method?

I confirmed the app run this dglist_initializeRow event before bind the data into the datagrid.

Protected Sub dgList_InitializeRow(sender As Object, e As Infragistics.Web.UI.GridControls.RowEventArgs) Handles dgList.InitializeRow

e.Row.Items.FindItemByKey("SNIndex").Column.Hidden = True
e.Row.Items.FindItemByKey("Format").Column.Hidden = True
e.Row.Items.FindItemByKey("FormatRef").Column.Hidden = True
e.Row.Items.FindItemByKey("SPONoRef").Column.Hidden = True

End Sub

the data extract from database and convert into datatable before bind to datagrid

dgLis.t.DataSource = dsSNFormat.Tables(0)


after binding the data, I call this function to hide the column that I want, but unfortunately, only the header and width take effect from this function. My column still not hiding as I expect.

Public Sub showhidecolumn()

For a As Integer = 0 To dgList.Rows.Count - 1
dgList.Rows(a).Items(0).Column.Hidden = True
dgList.Rows(a).Items(0).Column.Width = 0
dgList.Rows(a).Items(0).Column.Header.Text = ""
dgList.Rows(a).Items(1).Column.Hidden = True
dgList.Rows(a).Items(1).Column.Width = 0
dgList.Rows(a).Items(1).Column.Header.Text = ""
dgList.Rows(a).Items(5).Column.Hidden = True
dgList.Rows(a).Items(5).Column.Width = 0
dgList.Rows(a).Items(5).Column.Header.Text = ""
dgList.Rows(a).Items(11).Column.Hidden = True
dgList.Rows(a).Items(11).Column.Width = 0
dgList.Rows(a).Items(11).Column.Header.Text = ""
End Sub

Any suggestion? by the way, my column type is BoundDataField, is it got a special trick to hide that column's type? Please help I'm quite stuck right now.

Thanks in advance.