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WDG Multline textboxprovider - setting number of rows

when a user clicks in the multiline tb provider to edit existing text or add a new row, i would like to increase the number of rows to 10

Currently, the textbox has only enough rows to accommodate the text - even though i set it to 10 in the provider

I would like to increase this in the cell edit entering event, if possible

I have this so far

function grid_CellEditing_EnteringEditMode(sender, e)

var c = e.getCell();
var key = c.get_column().get_key();

// Add a new line to log_text
if (key == "log_text")
var t = c.get_value();
// Add a blank line and, ideally, set cursor to end
if (t != "")
c.set_value(t + "\r\n");

i need to do something equivalent to 

c.rows.count = 10


<ig:TextBoxProvider ID="Chrono_MultiLineTextBoxProvider">
<EditorControl ClientIDMode="Predictable" Height="300px" MaxLength="10000"
TextMode="MultiLine" Width="500px" Rows="10"></EditorControl>