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Hierarchical Data Grid with custom summaries


Context: I am currently working on a project that is using WebHierarchicalDataGrid (ig v18.1), I was asked to add the summary "sum" for TimeSpan dataType Columns. This columns are added dynamically.

Now, yes, I currently know that sum only works for numerical types, so I decided to create a Custom Summary. I should be easy.

Everything was going empirically well. Until I realize that for some reason It seems that it is not the same process for adding a custom summary for WebDataGrid and for WebHierarchicalDataGrid.

I am expecting that a custom summary for WebHierarchicalDataGrid would behave like the example for WebDataGrid ( but i can not find a working example of WHDG (It does not even appears on so it gives me the imppression that I could not be implemented on WHDG)

Recalling that columns are added dynamically, I cannot fix any keycolumn as documentation examples are shown And I cannot use the ig wazard/helper.

Any lights to follow on this situation.?

Thanks in advance!