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  I am trying to configure the whds using 3 objectdatasources.  They need to relate to each other so that one datasource is a parent and the other two are child datasources. I understand as I create the datasources my 'select' statement returns a dataset.

When I create the parent  datasource, it works fine.  It is when I create the first child datasource that an error message appears which says "datasource objectdatasource is not correctly setup and its fields are not available . Please, setup the datasource and try again" this of which my datasource is setup.  How can I fix my problem?

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    Hi. Any Infragistics people comments there?

    I have the same problem but with two sql data source: the first one gets a stored procedure result set and the second one gets data directly from a table.

    What's more, after displaying the message I tried to configure the columns for the relationship and VS2005 IDE hung!