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Layout of content in WebDialogWindow not displayed properly


In the content pane of the WebDialogWindow I am putting a user control which has nothing both a simple HTML table with 4 columns and 5 rows with no CSS applied to the table HTML element.

When I launch the webdialogwindow - I see that the height of TR element is around 20px and the table is not rendered in a compact manner even if I set the cellpadding and cellspacing to be 0. If I put the same user control which has the table element outside of the webdialogwindow on an ASPX page - it is rendered correctly. I explicitly set the "line-height" style of the table inside the ASCX to be "10px" and after that the table was rendered correctly in the webdialogwindow.


Now - I am trying to display a normal ASP Grid or Infragistics Grid inside the webdialogwindow and I see that the row height of the grid is again very big. and if I put  the same grid on an ASPX page - it works absolutely fine. The row height is not increased in that case.

I am wondering how the height of the row in both the table row element and the grid row height is getting increased when I am not setting it? Where is it getting the height property from? Am I missing something? Do I need to set some property based on which the style of the controls inside the content pane would be rendered correctly?