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styleSetPath conflicts with imageDirectory


I've been using following line in my web.config for a while now:

<infragistics.web  imageDirectory="~/ig_common/images/" javaScriptDirectory="~/ig_common/scripts/" />

in order to get static images and scripts (instead of generated, something like


because static images can be cached in the browser and this improves performance. When I added WebSlider control to my project, folder ig_res with default style was created and that line in web.config was changed to 

<infragistics.web styleSetName="Default" styleSetPath="~/ig_res/" imageDirectory="~/ig_common/images/" javaScriptDirectory="~/ig_common/scripts/" />

But the WebSlider control is missing images it is trying to locate them in ~/ig_common/images/ folder even though they exist in ~/ig_res/Default/Images. If I remove keys

imageDirectory="~/ig_common/images/" javaScriptDirectory="~/ig_common/scripts/"

from that line - WebSlider locates images correctly, but other controls start using generated images instead of static ones.

My question is - is there a way for controls that don't require style (e.g. UltraWebGrid, WebTab) to use static images/scripts from ig_common folder, and the ones that do need it - go to ig_res? I cannot enable AppStyling application-wide - that screws the look of many other controls - is there any other way?


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    Same problem here.

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    That is correct. The imageDirectory set in webconfig has highest priority to obtain images used for IMG objects. There is no option to disable that. So, application may copy images (all or only images used for IMG) from "ig_res/Default/images" or from "ig_res/YourStyleSetName/images" into "ig_common/images".