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WebDialog and WebCombo not working

Having just posted my previous message about the WebDialog and WebDateChooser, I thought I would try the WebDialog with a WebCombo.

I again created a simple web page with a single button to display the WebDialog. In the WebDialog I placed a WebCombo bound to an SQLDataSource linked to a single table with three columns.

Clicking the button displays the WebDialog and the WebCombo. Clicking the drop down for the WebCombo appears to do nothing, but closing the WebDialog leaves the drop down portion of the WebCombo displayed.

Click the selection in the drop down and it disappears. Then again click the button to bring up the WebDialog, and the WebCombo is showing the selection you have just made.

Note that I have tried placing a standard dropdownlist control on the WebDialog, and this works just fine !!!

Will I have the same problems with all Infragistic controls that have some form of drop down ?

Surely someone tried basic testing such as this before releasing the latest version.

I await comments.

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