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WDW not displaying in Firefox

I have a webDialogWindow that appears correctly in IE7, but fails to display in Firefox.

My application uses WDWs heavily in a settings page - and all these work fine in Firefox.

One page in my application has an asp:Panel that I add one or more UserControls to.

Each of these UserControls has a WDW (modal) defined within it (initial WindowState is hidden)

When the user clicks on a control in the UserControl, I

  - page:postback - add the UserControls back into the asp:Panel

 - UserControl postback: draw data-driven charts

 - UserControl on_Click handler - draw dialog contents, set windowState to Normal



  - in Firefox, the entire page gets a gray overlay (modal dialog behavior)

 - no dialog! (When I use Firebug it "Breaks on Error" - elem is undefined)

    - stack shows:

          browserHandler() : line 2948

          (?) () : line 47

          _resize() : line 502

         onResize() : line 492

I'm running the latest service release of NetAdvantage 20092 (2056)


Any clues?

This is a major issue I'm trying to resolve - let me know if i should submit a ticket.