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WebImageViewer in WebDialog

I have been trying to use a WebImageViewer inside a WebDialog control, and am getting some strange behavioural effects.

I have attached a web page where there is a button (to display the WebDialog) and a WebImageViewer. Inside the WebDialog is an identical (apart from the id) WebImageViewer, using the same images.

The WebImageViewer on the page works perfectly with the scroll buttons appearing and the capability to wrap (round and round) the images using both the buttons and the mouse (by dragging).

The WebImageViewer inside the dialog behaves slightly differently. First the button images appear but have a 'greyed out' appearance until these are clicked. Secondly if you try to wrap the images by dragging with the mouse, you cannot wrap round and round (just like the wrapround property is set to false, but it is set to true !!).

I have not attached the Default style sheet, or the Images I am using, as they then exceed the upload limit. The images are just some small thumbnail size png files (I am sure you can substitute some others for test purposes)

I am using NetAdvantage 8.1 with VS2008.

Additionally (but not in the attached web page) I am using the same code in a page with a Master page. Here I get the buttons in the WebDialog slightly misplaced at first. They appear (slightly greyed out) about 80 pixels to the left and with a spacing of about 30 pixels between each button. Apart from that they work fine. However if you close the dialog and immediately open it again, then the buttons are placed correctly (together at the right of the header). I am still experimenting with the effects in a page with a Master page, and will let you know further developments.

Any idea why the WebImageViewer buttons are greyed out when first displayed in the WebDialog, and why you cannot wrap the images using the mouse drag ? The effects are not catastrophic, but detract slightly from the desired behaviour.

Thanks for any help with this.
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    Realizing this your post is from awhile back, please let me know if you still need help with this question.

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