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WebHierarichal Grid to work with generic class

Please let me know how can i make the grid to work with a generic class.  if i want to add a object to the grid which has parent and child relationships also then how can i achieve it.

I have set the autogeneratebands = "true" but it does not work. Then i declared the bands but what datakeyfield value i need to set because i have an object of generic class which i need to bind it with the grid.

Parent row records are shown properly but when i click on the expand row image then an error message is generated.

Please guide me as soon as possible.

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    Offline posted

    If your parent level data items have a property which is of a type that implements IEnumerable, then the grid will bind to it automatically and create a hierarchy out of it.

    AutoGenerateColumns=True and AutoGenerateBands=True will instruct the grid to automatically detect any hierarchies. Otherwise you would need to set the bands and columns prior to binding.