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webdialog not showing

I am opening an excel worksheet and looping thru the rows,

based on values in certain cells, I would like the web dialog to display in a modal state, allow the app to gather information in the dialog, then save that information, make the dialog non modal and hide it, then continue scrolling thru the spreadsheet.

The problem is that the dialog will not display.


The code I'm using follows


        'Item Record Information

        Dim lRow As Long
        Dim iCol As Integer

        Dim iInterfaceRecordID As Integer
        Dim iInterfaceFileRecordID As Integer
        Dim sSegSeq As String
        Dim sItemSequence As String
        Dim sItemDescription As String
        Dim sDataType As String
        Dim sMaxLength As String
        Dim sName As String
        Dim sItemComments As String

        ''     Dim sCurrentRecSeq As String

        For iCol = 9 To xlWorkSheet.Rows(1).cells.Count  ' Col 9 is where the list of receiving applications starts

            If Trim(xlWorkSheet.Rows(1).Cells(iCol).text) <> vbNullString Then   ' Do nothing if no receiving application.

                Session("currrentrecseq") = xlWorkSheet.Rows(2).Cells(2).text   ' Row 2 is where data starts, row 1 is header

                For lRow = 2 To xlWorkSheet.Rows.Count    ' read the worksheet row by row

                    If Session("currrentrecseq") <> xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(2).text.trim Then     ' Compare the values, if different enter if block
                        ' write interface file item record record

                        Session("currrentrecseq") = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(2).text.trim              ' reset the sequence
                        wDialogRecord.Visible = True                ' set dialog to visible
                        wDialogRecord.Modal = True                 ' set dialog to Modal, also set in properties
                        wDialogRecord.WindowState = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.DialogWindowState.Normal     ' set window state to normal so it will show

                        ' when dialog shows, user fills out information and hits save button, which set dialog visible property to false, modal to false, and dialog window state to hidden

                    End If

                    If Trim(xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(1).text) = vbNullString Then Exit For ' Jump loop on Blank, END              

                    If xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(iCol).text = "X" Then                          ' If this column has an "X", then we need to save this record

                        If xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(1).text <> vbNullString Then           ' to account for a skipped row, or invalid data          

                            iInterfaceRecordID = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(1).text           ' read values from spreadsheet
                            sSegSeq = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(2).text
                            sItemSequence = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(3).text
                            sItemDescription = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(4).text
                            sDataType = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(5).text
                            sMaxLength = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(6).text
                            sName = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(7).text
                            sItemComments = xlWorkSheet.Rows(lRow).Cells(8).text

                           ' Write the Interface File Record Item
                            SaveInterfaceFileRecordItem(Int(wNumInterfaceID.Value), Int(wNumRecordID.Value), sItemSequence, sItemDescription, sDataType, sMaxLength, sName, 999, sItemComments)
                        End If

                    End If


            End If



I have an open support case, but there had been little progress in 24 hours. Was hoping a super user may be able to shed some light.