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Checkbox in WebDataGrid

I have a boolean value in a datatable that i bind to a datagrid from the codebehind. But instead of a checkbox the webDataGrid displays "true" or "false" and that column is editable like a string value.


Here is some code that i'm using (_sestevalniDT is a DataTable and SestevalniStevec is a WebDataGrid):

_sestevalniDT = new DataTable();

_sestevalniDT.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Naziv", typeof(string)));

_sestevalniDT.Columns.Add(new DataColumn("Popravek", typeof(bool)));


SestevalniStevec.DataSource = _sestevalniDT;



and this is from my aspx:

<ig:WebDataGrid ID="SestevalniStevec" runat="server" StyleSetName="Appletini" Width="640"
                                                Height="480" DataKeyFields="Naziv">
                                                    <ig:ColumnResizing Enabled="true">
                                                            <ig:ColumnResizeSetting EnableResize="true" />
                                                            <ig:CellEditing Enabled="true" EditModeActions-MouseClick="Single">
                                                                <CellEditingClientEvents EnteringEditMode="svoEnteringEditMode" />


What should i add in order for the bool value to display as a checkbox?


Thanks for your help.