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WebDialogWindow doesn't show

 I have 5 WebDialogWindow controls in my web form. I can only get 3 of them working properly and the other 2 give some funny problems. 


First Problem : 

Me.WebDialogWindowTreatmentAuthorization.WindowState = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.DialogWindowState.Normal

 The above statement doesn't fire the popup. I put a breakpoint on it and it did execute the statement.


 Second Problem:

The close button on the webdialogwindow doesn't fire when clicked though the tooltips does display when the cursor is moved over it. The form was set to moveable and modal, but both don't work on this popup only.


 Have tried to recreate thouse 2 WebDialogWindows but still giving the same issues., Tried to rearrange the sequence of appearance in the web forms, and I got them working, but the rest doesn't work any more. Move back to the original position, and the other 3 seems to be working again and the two giving same problems like before.