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ValueChanged event


I have an application with five webslider controls on one screen.  Each has "ValueChanged" set to ON.  I am using VS2008 (with SP1).


I have code associated with each _ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) event - but the code does not appear to be executing; I added a pop-up message when the event-routine is executed and the pop-up never occurs.


How do you recommend I troubleshoot this further?


Should I delete the code for ValueChanged event and setup the ValueChanged events again?


ADDED: I changed the ValueChanged property from ON to ASYNC and that helped resolve the issue.

ADDED:  I thought at one point this was resolved but it is still an open-issue.  Please read my reply below.


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    Hello Wayne,

    For the ValueChanged client side event should be checked in the ClientEvents node of the markup so for example:
    <ClientEvents ValueChanged="WebSlider1_ValueChanged" />

    So the function should look like this:
    function WebSlider1_ValueChanged(sender, eventArgs) {



    The signature is the same for the client events on our current infragistics controls with sender and eventArgs.

    When you go to design view of the aspx page in Visual Studio, you can go to properties and then expand ClientEvents. Then scroll down to ValueChanged,  open the dropdown, and choose add new handler. The function will be added in the script tag. This is a way to know the signature of the method being called.

    Let me know if you have any questions with this matter.

    Duane Hoyt
    Developer Support Engineer, MCTS


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