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web dialog "Stop running this scritp"

I am getting an error when I have a page that has the webdialogwindow on it:

 I've pinned it down the to fact that a web dialog control is on the page even though the actions taken to cause the error do not reference the control.

 I've attached a sample application to illustrate the bug.

After building the application (VS2008)

  1. Select an element from the tree.
  2. Select and item in the list box then move it to the other listbox.
  3. Select an element on the tree ( the error now occurs )

Removing the dialog controls solves the issue so it is these that appear to be causing the problem.

Can any one help


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    Hello Mohsin,

    I cannot see the file attached in your post – the file attachment size is limited to around 250KB so if you file size is more than that try to delete any unneeded data and compress it first.

    Can you also give me more information about your system configuration – Operating System, version and build of the Infragistics controls, CLR and browser used for testing?

    I am waiting for your response.