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Javascript error on set_windowState WebDialogWindow


I've a content page within a WARP on master page. In the Content page the is a WebDialogWindow.

When I open the dialog from js at first time it's all OK!!!

But when I have to re-open the WebDialogWindow(by clicking on the button that call the client PromtConfirm function that shows the WebDialogWindow) to confirm an operation the javascript triggers an error on  getPosition js function on line "elem = elem.offsetParent;". I used the infragistics example at, this is the same situation(you have a content page with the WebDialogWindow and a master page with the refresh panel). I didn't find any useful post on the infragistic forum!!! is this a bug of your control??? is there an hotfix???

The WebDialogWindows visibility is managed by the javascript function as is in your example. Why this don't works?

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    Hi Alex,

    The WebDialogWindow is AJAX based control which uses script manager which is not compatible with script manager used by WARP. Those controls can not be nested in each other otherwise an async postback triggered by any of them will destroy javascript functionality.

    If your application uses WebDialogWindow, then you should replace WARP by UpdatePanel.