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WebProgressbar Style Images

I'd like to use the Windows7 style on my WebProgressBar.  When I look in the ig_res folder within my project I see folders only for Default and ElectricBlue.  In looking at the Infragistics install folder I don't see any images for Windows7.  The sample application uses Windows7.png.  I searched for that within the Infragistics install folder and didn't find it.  Were these files installed with Infragistics?  If not, where do I get them?  Thanks for your help.

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    I know a couple of months have passed since you asked this question but if you still need assistance I would be glad if I can help. I have created a project via NetAdvantage 11.1.20111.2064 and dropped in the designer a WebProgressBar. When I went to properties of the control StyleSetName property is a drop down one. From there selecting “Import..”  and in the shown window there is Windows7 as a Style. Please follow the steps by your own.