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WebDataGrid disappears when using DropDownProviders


We have another issue. Here's the description of our current solution:

  • We have a handful of hierarchical dropdowns bound to SqlDataSources on the page which get their parameters from selections in other dropdowns. These are the "Master Selections" for the WebDataGrid.
  • We have a WebDataGrid bound to a DataSourceID which is a SqlDataSource. This datasource gets it's parameters from the "Master Selections" described above.
  • The WebDataGrid has an insert row with two DropDownProviders with same SqlDataSource than the "Master Selection" dropdowns.

The problem is that whenever we do something in the grid (like insert, modify, sort, filter rows) AND change the dropdown values outside the grid the whole grid disappears. I debugged the problem and noticed that the exception comes from your code.

Debugging further I noticed that the code there throws an exception only with DropDownProviders - other providers slide trough the code without any problems.  The problem didn't go away if I just stopped using the DropDownProviders in the Insert Row, but when I removed the dropdown providers from the code altogether, everything started to work again.

Is this some kind of known issue to you?

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