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Updating grid dynamically in code-behind

I am switching from old component one grids to infragistics 3.5 v10.3 and need some guidance. I have to dynamically databind the grid from a sql dataset in the codebehind (i can't use a sqldataadapter). I also have to manually do the updating to the database. Since I am used to having an 'edit' column in the old style grid, the infragistic style of moving off the row/cell to update is new and I cannot the right method in the code behind. A simple example would be extremely helpful, I generally only have a text-edit column and sometimes a dropdown control column depending upon the grid. I would assume that even though i am getting & binding the data dynamically, that the paging, sorting, and cancelling would still be automatically handed by the control (I wouldn't be doing anything special in those methods anyway). Thanks for your help.

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