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WebExploreBar and WebHierarchicalDataSource


i use Version 11.1 with CLR 4.0 in VS2010 Prof. The WebExploreBar (WEB) is bound to a WebHierarchicalDataSource (WHS). The data for WHS comes from a SqlDataSource (SDS) with a stored proc (SP) in backround. The Hierarchie is build via a foreign key column (FK_Parent) inside the SP. So i construct a self referencing structure, like a tree, and i want only the leafs to navigate to an Url.

Normaly i bound the SDS to the WHS and set the relation. Then i bound the WHS-ID as DataSourceID of the WEB and the ExplorerBarItemBinding to the View of the WHS.

This works fine, if there are only flat hierarchies of 2 levels. But if there are more nested levels, what is the best way to handle this?

Should i duplicate the possible Levels in the WHS and add an extra Item binding in the WEB?

Or should i catch the click on client-side and look for the level and possible childs?

Thank's for reply