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How to hide webDialog on Code Behind

I have a detail and create page.

On my Detail Page i call my create page by using javascript and dispaly it to webdialog.

<script type="text/javascript">


    function showDialog() {

        var dialogcf = $find("<%=webDialogCreate.ClientID%>");

        //Add code to handle your event here.

        dialogcf.set_windowState($IG.DialogWindowState.Normal, true);




  <ig:WebDialogWindow runat="server" ID="webDialogCreate" Modal="True"  Moveable="False" WindowState="Hidden"

            InitialLocation="Centered" StyleSetName="Office2007Blue" Height="560px" Width="800px">

            <Header CaptionText="Create">

            <CloseBox Visible=false />


            <ContentPane ContentUrl="CreatePage.aspx" ScrollBars="Hidden">




Now my problem is how to hide this WebDialog on my createdpage in code behind.


 protected void lnkHide_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


            //Clear Session

            Session["id"] = null;

            //Hide webDialogCreate  ???



I really need your help..


Thanks in regards!