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Issue on NavigationUrl or ContentUrl problem in Webdialog/WebdatMenu on navigating page within a folder.

Hi we are  stack up in this problem of ContentUrl  or NavigateUrl on WebDatamenu/ConentUrl on WebDialog. 

This two works Ok with Pages that is on Root but it always not working if the pages comes from a folder.


this is my webApp PAges Structure sample.

Root Folder:

          Default.aspx                ContentUrl="Default.aspx"    

PopUp Folder:

          Create.aspx               ContentUrl="~/PopUp/Create.aspx"   

this works on first execution of Default.aspx but when i go  click the next webdialog with Create page ,exception says The resource cannot be found /~/PoPup/Create.aspx.. And when i  click again the WebDialog with default.aspx it also says: The resource cannot be found. /PopUp/Default.aspx

How To Fix this..?

We Really need your help about this,

Thanks in Regards


I already solve my the problem about 

Navigation Url of Webdatamenu if  Pages are in different fodlers.

I just Add temaple and Hyperlink on WebdatamenuItem.

I tried this also in contentpane but it does not work.