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Add additional Groups and Items


i use NetAdvantage 10.2.x with Net4.0. I use the WebExplorerBar with a Databinding to a WebHierarchicalDataSource (with a SqlDataSource as Base). I catch the 'itemselected' Event and in the JavaScript i check if it is a child-node and call some different JS-function (i use target-prop of the item to init the code for each item from the database and with eval(target); the fuction is called). This works great for the pattern meneu-item call js-function.

But now i need some menue-items with checkbox behavior or a textbox with a search-button. This should be possible with templates, right?

But how can i add a new group with checkbox-items and a new group with a textbox and a button to the WebExplorerBar??



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    Hello Patric,
    Add new template, then create new group in the code, set the TemplateId to it and add this group to the Groups collection:

    <ig:WebExplorerBar ID="WebExplorerBar1" runat="server" Width="250px" DataSourceID="WebHierarchicalDataSource1"

            GroupContentsHeight="" OnPreRender="WebExplorerBar1_PreRender">

            <ClientEvents ItemSelected="WebExplorerBar1_ItemSelected" />


                <ig:ExplorerBarGroup GroupContentsHeight="" TemplateId="Template1" Text="GroupA">




                <ig:ExplorerBarItemBinding DataMember="AccessDataSource1_DefaultView" TextField="CategoryName"

                    ValueField="CategoryID" />

                <ig:ExplorerBarItemBinding DataMember="AccessDataSource2_DefaultView" TextField="ProductName"

                    ValueField="ProductID" />



                <ig:ItemTemplate ID="WebExplorerBar1Template1" runat="server" TemplateID="Template1">


                        Search:<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>







        protected void WebExplorerBar1_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e)


            // Group 1

            ExplorerBarGroup group = new ExplorerBarGroup();

            //group.Text = "Folders";

            group.TemplateId = "Template1";



            ExplorerBarItem item = new ExplorerBarItem();

            //item.Text = "Documents";

            item.TemplateId = "Template1";