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Incorrect DateTime-Value-Tooltips in certain circumstances


I'm using WebSlider (11.1 NET.40) to select dates in the past.

Code snippet:

int dateperiod = 30;

WebSlider.MajorTicks = dateperiod;

WebSlider.MinorTicks = 1;
WebSlider.MinValue DateTime.Now.Date.AddDays(-dateperiod);
WebSlider.MaxValue = DateTime.Now;
WebSlider.Value = DateTime.Now;

In certain cirumstances the sliders valuelabel property (tooltip) shows incorrect values. For example when selecting “03/30/2012” the valuelabel property is set to  "04/28/2012”, but the value property contains the correct value.


When setting the dateperiod to 28 days the valuelabel property contains correct values as well.

Is this a known bug?

Kind regards