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Changing the drop indicator while dragging?

I have a tree with draggable nodes.  Due to various rules, some nodes may be dragged to others and some may not.   In the NodeDropping event on the client I can test to see if the drop is valid and cancel dropping if it is invalid.  It works great.

What I would like to do is to be able to determine whether the drop is valid on the DragEnter event and then change the little drop icon from the crosshairs to the red "denied" circle with a slash while the user is still dragging, to remind the user that the drop is not valid.

Is this possible?



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    Hi jmakuch,

    When you have event handler for nodeDropping event and you cancel it the cursor is changed to "Not Allowed" default browser cursor.

            function onClientNodeDropping(sender, args) {
                   //Here you do your check
                   if (args.get_destNode().get_valueString() == 'someValue') {
     Here is an example - Single Tree D&D , where you can't drop anything on a file. So it's possible to drop dragged node only on node of type folder. 
    Hope That helps, 
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    Hello jmakuch,


    After some research, changing the cursor appearance while dragging a tree node has been determined to be a new product idea.  I have sent your product idea directly to our product management team.  Our product team chooses new product ideas for development based on popular feedback from our customer base.  Infragistics continues to monitor application development for all of our products, so as trends appear in requested features, we can plan accordingly.


    We value your input, and our philosophy is to enhance our toolset based on customer feedback.  If your feature is chosen for development, you will be notified at that time.  Your reference number for this product idea is PI12050050.


    If you would like to follow up on your product idea at a later point, you may contact Developer Support management via email.  Please include the reference number of your product idea in the subject and body of your email message.  You can reach Developer Support management through the following email address:


    Thank you for your request.