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Client side property to dynamically load the dropdown items in the Webdatagrid



In our project, we are migrating ultrawebgrid to Netadvantage webdatagrid.


In one of our page, we have below javascript code to dynamically load the dropdown items   by using the cell property ValueList.




var BONUS_vlist = new Array(7);
BONUS_vlist[0]= new Array("","     ");
BONUS_vlist[1] = new Array("e301041b-8f13-48cf-806b-070a8f6fb2e0","Bonus Actual Prorated Amount");
BONUS_vlist[2] = new Array("81db936b-57d3-417d-b688-88671020b60e","Bonus Actual Prorated Amount (1)");
BONUS_vlist[3] = new Array("66427fab-de87-456d-9b54-8dcb8d168c59","Bonus Actual Prorated Amount (2)");
BONUS_vlist[4] = new Array("bdd02c28-9001-4347-b38a-c74c02874885","Bonus Annualized Amount");
BONUS_vlist[5] = new Array("da8fffe3-e7c6-4fe0-b939-03f5ad2e1515","Bonus Annualized Amount (1)");
BONUS_vlist[6] = new Array("f4643ebe-155e-4ac0-8c64-d630439998d5","Bonus Annualized Amount (2)");
BONUS_vlist[7] = new Array("c73e38ff-4aff-4b04-8a9c-7ec940570c1f","Bonus Annualized Budget Eligible ");


var col = igtbl_getColumnById(cellId);

 col.ValueList = BONUS_vlist;             




The client side property ‘ValueList’ is used to load the dropdown item dynamically in ultrawebgrid. But we are not able to find an equivalent client side property to dynamically load the dropdown items in the Webdatagrid.


Please help us to reslove this situation.



Thanks in advance.