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ScriptResource.axd javascript error when dropping a node.


I am getting an inssue in which when i drop certain nodes between others, the page hangs and the cursor flickers.  Through debugging I have figured out that it is ocurring in ScripResource.axd in the "isRealLeafNode" function.  See the attached screenshot for details.  This doesn't happen every time, ony with certain nodes, but I have not been able to ascertain how the nodes that have the problem are different from those that do not.  Also, this still occurs if I remove all of my javascript code from the page, so I know that it is not my javacript causing it.  Please take a look at the attaached screenshot.

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    Hi jmakuch,


    This is very strange behavior. Could you please provide some more details – what data source are you using and how do you apply binding? is this browser specific or it happens in different browsers? A working sample, reproducing the issue would be very helpful. Any additional information will be of help, too. Thank you.