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AutoCrud not functioning correctly.

I have a webdatagrid that I am binding a datasource to..

I have crud enabled...

When I change text in a cell then leave the cell/row. and click on a update button on the page, I look at the dataset and the rows are getting updated with new values.


Here is the source.

<ig:WebDataGrid ID="wdgSWStatusCode" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
 EnableTheming="False" Height="75%" StyleSetName="Default" Width="98%" 
 Font-Names="lucinda sans" DataKeyFields="SWSTATUS" EnableDataViewState="True" 
 ViewStateMode="Enabled" >
 <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="SWSTATUS" Key="SWSTATUS" Width="150px" 
 <Header Text="Status Code" />
 <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="Definition" Key="Definition" Width="400px" 
   DataType="System.String" EnableMultiline="True">
  <Header Text="Definition" />
 <ig:BoundCheckBoxField DataFieldName="SHOWBEFOREBAFO" 
   DataType="System.Int32" Key="SHOWBEFOREBAFO" Width="100px">
  <Header Text="Use in All Rounds" />
  <ig:BoundCheckBoxField DataFieldName="MOVESTONEXTROUND" 
   DataType="System.Boolean" Key="MOVESTONEXTROUND" Width="100px">
  <Header Text="Advance to Subsequent Rounds" />
   <ig:CellEditing Enabled="true">
   <ig:RowDeleting />
    <ig:Selection RowSelectType="Single" ColumnSelectType="Single">
    <ig:RowSelectors RowNumbering="True">

The data is bound on initial page load and dataviewstate is on.
Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?