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How do I find a control that is on a webtab through JavaScript?

My code compiles just find. But when I try to load the page I keep getting this errror...

error CS0103: The name 'grdExpense' does not exist in the current context

Which is making me thing my Javascript is not correct. Because my site worked until I need to add the webtab to it. And now it can not find any of my controls.

What was working was this java...

var grid = $find('<%= grdExpense.ClientID %>');

var ret = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore().get_behaviors().get_rowEditingTemplate();

var row = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore().get_behaviors().get_rowAdding().get_row();




I don't know if its the java that is giving me that error, but like I said everythng is compiling fine.

Thanks for your help.