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12.2: Aikido controls won't display in preview

I have been using the Appstylist for netvantage 12.1 fine up until now, but having upgraded to 12.2 and uninstalled the 12.1 components, the Aikido controls no longer display on the preview pane.  WebMonthView, WebCalendarView etc display fine.

I thought that perhaps the uininstall of the 12.1 components had somehow damaged the appstylist but I ran a repair install on 12.2 and the problem persists.  I also read that this could be related to MS Ajax 1.0 being damaged or missing but I ran a repair install on that as well and still no dice.

I also thought that possibly my older 12.1 project was the issue, but even after opening the default library (InfragisticsStyleLibrary in the StyleLibraries directory) this problem persists.

Previous posts on this issue have indicated that people were getting javascript errors, but no errors are being displayed whatsoever.