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Chrome sometimes doesn't display panel with HTML Editor in it

I have an ASPX page that contains an Infragistics WebTab, and within one of the tabs, it has two ASP panels. There are buttons on the page that toggle which of the panels is displayed. The first panel is displayed when a user initially comes to the page. The second panel contains, among other things, a WebHTMLEditor and WebSpellChecker.

In Firefox and Internet Explorer, the page displays as expected; when the button to display the second panel is clicked, the first panel goes away and the second panel is displayed.

However, in Chrome, when the button is clicked, the first panel goes away, but nothing (except the master page container) is displayed by the browser, but view the page source shows that the content is there. When I copy both the HTML editor and spell checker (both are required) to the first panel so they are displayed when the page is initially rendered results in the second panel being displayed correctly when the button for the second panel is clicked.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this to occur in Chrome but not the other browsers?

The application is using version 2011, volumne 1 of the controls (CLR35), and version 24 of Chrome.


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