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Customizing Value Label for WebSlider


Is it possible to customize value label for webslider. Basically I want to show "12+" in the ValueLabel when user select the last value on the slider. I have tried the default functionality but it shows the current value which is the integer value as the slider range specified in the code.

Please let me know if we can do this then how?



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    Hi Sanjay,

    Thank you for posting in our forums!

    The ValueLabel can be customized in this case through the FormatValueLabel client side event.  Please see the code snippet below for the function I have used for this:

     function WebSlider1_FormatValueLabel(sender, eventArgs) {
        ///<param name="sender" type="Infragistics.Web.UI.WebSlider"></param>
        ///<param name="eventArgs" type="Infragistics.Web.UI.SliderFormatValueLabelEventArgs"></param>

        var value = eventArgs.get_value();
        if (value >= 12) {

    I have also attached my sample for you to examine in full.  If you have any further questions or concerns with this, please let me know.