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WebDialogWindow - UseBodyAsParent Inside UpdatePanel

I am aware that the UseBodyAsParent property does not work on a webdialogwindow inside an update panel. However, not using an updatepanel is not an option is this case yet I still need to at least emulate this behavior.

The issue is that the WebDialog window exists inside a WebTab inside a Webtab which is inside an updatePanel. The update panel is a required element and as such cannot be removed. When the WebDialog Window displays it is contained within it's webtab, the problem here is if the webdialog window is larger than the webtab's content area or if the user's screen is small enough then any part of the webdialog window which extends beyond the content area is lost. I have run a little test of disabling the update panel and using usebodyasparent and that does exactl what I need. However the property does not work with the update panel enabled and the update panel must be enabled for full functionality of the site.

The Reason the Update panel is required is for another set of third party controls and the reason I cannot remove the WebDialogWindow from the update panel is because the page much have an overall update panel for the other third party controls to function correctly.