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WHDG - set row back color but does not highlight when selected

As above, I have a WHDG on a page and in the InitializeRow event I check to see the credit rating for the customer displayed on that row and set the background row color accordingly.

Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.Style rowStyle = new Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.Style();
rowStyle.BackColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#FFFFA0");
e.Row.CssClass = Infragistics.Web.UI.Framework.AppSettings.AppStylingManager.CssRegistry.Add(rowStyle, "TBODY TR.{0} TD");

This all works correctly however I also have row selection enabled yet when you select the row the background color does not change to show the selection.  I cannot find any attribute which would allow me to set the selected row color differently.  Not sure if it is relevant but I have grouping enabled also.

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