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WebDialogWindow ContentPane margin

How do you remove the margin around the WebDialogWindow ContentPane?

The image below shows a WebDialogWindow with no header and no resize.  Nice!  But there is a margin around the inner content area.  How do you eliminate that?

This code does not work:

<ig:WebDialogWindow ID="WebDialogWindow2" Style="padding:0px; margin:0px;" runat="server" WindowState="Hidden" Modal="False" Resizer-Enabled="False" Height="50px" Width="100px" Moveable="False">

<ContentPane style="padding:0px; margin:0px;" ScrollBars="Hidden" BorderWidth="1px" BorderStyle="Dotted">


<div style="font-size:12px; font-weight:bold; padding:0px; margin:0px;">Hello World!</div>



<Header Visible="false"></Header>

<Resizer Enabled="false" />


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    Offline posted


    I have investigated this matter and it appears there are a couple of <td> elements with default width set to 5px.

    It is possible to override the following CSS classes like using the following or similar:


            .igdw_BodyEdgeRight, .igdw_BodyEdgeLeft {
                width: 0px !important;


    This will make sure these elements will not be taking space.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions related to this issue. I will gladly assist you.