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webcalendarview - Month and Week Hyperlinks
Hi, I was researching with the trial version of Infragistics "webcalendarview" control and I'm having issues using it in my demo application. My requirement is that I need month in "webcalendarview" to be a hyperlink and not a dropdownlist, so that when I click the month I need the "WebMonthView" to display the clicked month from my "webcalendarview". Similarly I need first column of "webcalendarview" control to be hyperlinks so that when I click on column number 1, first week should be displayed in my "webweekview" control. And when I click on any day, the "WebDayView" should display the current day schedules hiding the "webweekview" and "WebMonthView" controls. Currently I'm using three anchor tags on a above the <td> where I've placed "webcalendarview" with names "Month View", "Week View", and "Day View", and I use javascript and display the control depending on which anchor tag was clicked. But this looks odd. I would like to know if Infrgistics "webcalendarview" control would meet my requirement. Regards, Manoj V
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