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Row Style for modified row

Hi all,

What is the best method to updating the stylesheet for a specific row that has been edited? I have code that updates the editing core for a given web data grid. It adds a drop-down selector for one column, check box for another and a text box for the final column. When I modify any entry in a row, I wanted it to highlight the row in some way? As Auto-CRUD is off, I tried to add the RowUpdating event to the editing core, but I get a NullReferenceException on that line of code. I thought I could use that event to alter the CSS style for the ROW through code-behind, but that is not working?

Any help? I tried to use a RowEditTemplate, but that is not working for me either. I have to define the web data grid editing functions in code behind because the grid is multi-purpose and loads the data dynamically through code-behind, but in one case, the grid ends up being editable.

Help is appreciated.