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WebDialogWindow postbacks causes Webdatagrid in background to refresh

This is my set up:

I have a web tab with three tabs and each tab points to a contentUrl.

In one of the ASPX pages, I have a have a button that loads up a WebDialogWindow that consists of one textbox with an add, save, delete and close button. This dialog
window also contains a datagrid. When you click on any row in the datagrid, the textbox is filled with that data. However, whenever a row is clicked, the datagrid in behind
the dialog window refreshes. Whenever a postback occurs, I know I have to re-assign the datasource to the datagrid, but I didn't think that could trigger a refresh of the grid.

The grid has the AJAX property disabled, but all of the controls live in an UpdatePanel.

Any idea's?