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How to access control within a WebTab that is referenced by a ContentUrl?

I have tabs defined in this manner:

<ig:WebTab ID="ApplicationMainTab" runat="server" Width="100%" StyleSetName="Default"  OnSelectedIndexChanged="ApplicationMainTab_SelectedIndexChanged">
      <ClientEvents Loaded="ApplicationMainTab_Loaded" SelectedIndexChanged="ApplicationMainTab_SelectedIndexChanged" />
      <AutoPostBackFlags SelectedIndexChanged="Async" />
          <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" ScrollBars="Hidden" Text="Tab1" ContentUrl="Page1.aspx" ></ig:ContentTabItem>
          <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" ScrollBars="Hidden" Text ="Tab2" ContentUrl="Page2.aspx"></ig:ContentTabItem>
          <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" ScrollBars="Hidden" Text="Tab3" ContentUrl="Page3.aspx"></ig:ContentTabItem>
      <PostBackOptions EnableAjax="True" EnableLoadOnDemand="True" EnableAsyncUpdateAllTabs="true"   />

There is an action performed on Tab2 which requires a a webDropdown control to reload the data. How do I accomplish this? I know I can detect a selection changed
event either via Javascript or Server-side. With JAvascript, I can make a call to "tabs.set_SelectedIndex(tab1, true), but that appears to refresh the content in tab1 
in a browser refresh sort of way (i.e., it flashes).  

How can I simply reload the data associated to a specific control (i.e., an infragistics web drop down control to be exact)???



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