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Session Timeout when using WebTab functionality

I seem to be getting different answers on this subject, but I am trying to implement a session countdown timer on my main page which

utilizes a web tab. The core of my application is hosted on three different tabs but the countdown timer is stored in my header which sits

just above the web tab definition.

So question: when switching between tabs (with all tabs loaded by contenturl definitions), does the session get extended during AJAX

postbacks? When a button is clicked to perform an action, the Page_Load method fires and one of the first things you do is to check

the Postback variable as you do certain functions if you are in a "Postback" situation or not. So, if "!Postback" condition is the case,

does a Session get extended?

I can understand if this topic is somewhat unrelated to webtabs themselves, but given that my countdown timer sits parallel to the webtab,

I find it relevant. I do have the jscript in place and the countdown does get launched and it the timer updates, but don't know when 

the session gets extended.