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Dynamically adding and persist tabs


I have the followed requirements.
An ASPX page with a WebTab control with a static tab named "Home".
This tab (Home) contains 3 buttons (view, search and report), each these buttons should be add a new tab (tabView, tabSearch, tabReport) with an ASCX custom control or an APSX with controls.
Every time that the user click in a button, the app should add a new tab.

I try to develop a prototype with this use case, but the WebTab only show the controls of the last ASCX user control.

I use VS2015 and Infragistics 15.2 (Licensed)

I attach my test project.
Please help us.
Best Regards.
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    Hello OneTx,

    The code that you use to add new tab is correct. However the PostBackOptions of the WebTab are configured with EnableAjax="True" which prevents the tab from being displayed on the page. In order to see the new tab you need to make full page post back, so what you can do is to disable EnableAjax option.

    You also have a second option to add the tab on the client-side using the WebTab CSOM API.

    Here is an example:

    $find("WebTab1").addTab("Search tab", "SearchTab.aspx", true /*will select the tab after it's added to the WebTab*/);

    Where "WebTab1" is the ID of the WebTab control and the second argument is the Url to another ASPX page in the site.

    Hope this helps,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.

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