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Sample App - Bind GenericDataProvider to ICollection

Can you provide the VB code for MyAppointment and MyResource for this sample, this appears to be missing.

    Private Function GetAppointments(resources As IList) As IList
        Dim appointments As New List(Of MyAppointment)()

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(1, DateTime.Today.AddHours(9), 3600, "Sales Expo", "NYC", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(0), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(2, DateTime.Today.AddDays(3).AddHours(14), 4000, "Win 7 Rollout ", "US", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(0), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(3, DateTime.Today.AddDays(5).AddHours(11), 4600, "Finalise Merger", "Milan", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(0), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(4, DateTime.Today.AddDays(10).AddHours(13), 3600, "Tour Sites", "India", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(1), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(5, DateTime.Today.AddDays(-3).AddHours(10), 4600, "Roadshow", "Abu Dhabi", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(1), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(6, DateTime.Today.AddDays(-10).AddHours(13), 3200, "VC Golf", "Country Club", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(1), MyResource)).ID.ToString())) appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(7, DateTime.Today.AddDays(-15).AddHours(13), 3600, "Conf Call", "London", "Description", _
            False, (DirectCast(resources(2), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        appointments.Add(CreateAppointment(8, DateTime.Today.AddDays(-20).AddHours(9), 3600 * 24 * 2, "DevReach Conference", "Sofia", "The fourth edition of the premier developer conference on Microsoft technologies in SEE", _
            True, (DirectCast(resources(2), MyResource)).ID.ToString()))

        Return appointments
    End Function

    Private Function GetResources() As IList
        Dim resources As New List(Of MyResource)()

        resources.Add(New MyResource(1, "Allyson Tuley", "Allyson Tuley", ""))
        resources.Add(New MyResource(2, "Ted Redfern", "Ted Redfern", ""))
        resources.Add(New MyResource(3, "Jamie Gadomski", "Jamie Gadomski", ""))

        Return resources
    End Function

    Protected Function CreateAppointment(id As Integer, startDateTime As DateTime, appointmentDuration As Integer, appName As String, location As String, appDescription As String, _
        allDayEvent As Boolean, resourceID As String) As MyAppointment
        Return New MyAppointment(id, startDateTime.ToUniversalTime(), appointmentDuration, appName, allDayEvent, location, _
            appDescription, 1, False, 1, 1, Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), _
            Nothing, -1, Nothing, resourceID)
    End Function

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    Hello Monica,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    I am attaching .cs files with the implementation of both classes MyAppointment and MyResources. I hope you will benefit from them. I am not able to provide Visual Basic code, but you could use online converter from C# to Visual Basic code.

    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.
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