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WebDayView collapses on resize


I have a problem with the WebDayView ASPX control. Client reports that if the page is resized (width changed) a few times, the contents of the view collapses.

We have created a small project to show this behavior, it is availabe online here:

We also created screenshots of this demo site, see attahced zip file:
Original.png: the view before resizing, and also the expected behavior
Bug.png, Bug_2.png, Bug_3.png: the view after resizing the page a few times.

Could you please help me find out what is the problem with this control? As the problem seems to occur in this demo site as well, I think the problem might be with the control, not our website, or the way we use this control.

The version we use is Infragistics45.WebUI.WebSchedule.v13.2, Version=13.2.20132.2294, maybe we should try a new version? Or this is something we can fix/work around in CSS/JavaScript/etc?