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Web tab LTR and RTL direction issue...

Hi Team,

I am using the Infragistics version 14.2. In the version i am creating the webtab control in static design time. And creating the Content Tab Item in run time. The Tab Item are created success fully.

But in my page i am creating  more then 50  contant tab item in run time. My Page is supported for multi language. So i need to change my tab direction . So i using the TabLocation . These are working good in LTR mode.

But when i change the TabLocation  to RTL means i cant able to see all the tabs in Scrollable Mode in my design. I am facing many design issues based on LTR and RTL direction.

Please refer the attachment images

Please note :-

The Tab Text are dynamic. cant able to fix the width in design time 

I need to show all the Tabs as same manner . If the Tab text is Big means the tab need to big. If the tag text is small means the Tab is small.

Now my design not able to show as same tab manner.

I need to show all the tabs with scrollable with LTR and RTL mode. Please help me for this issue.

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