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Display Issue with WebMonthView

I'm using the WebMonthView (Version=15.1.20151.1018) to display some data "Training and Employee time"(Training) , "Equipment Rental and Employee time " (Equipment), and "Training, Equipment Rental and Employee time" (All).

I have 2 Panels, one with the filters to display the time, the other with the WebMonthView. Both panels are update panels.

I'm using the WebScheduleGenericDataProvider's ResourceDataSource to switch the calendar between the 3 views.

Right now there is no scheduled equipment data, so views Training and All have the same data.

When I load the Training view for last month the data is displayed all on one line for the week of the 9th, in the all view it displays fine.

When I load this month, the Training view is fine but the All view has the same display issue as last month's Training view.

I've tried removing all the custom formatting we do, changing the times of the appointments, changing the  WebScheduleInfo1.ActiveDayUtc, taking everything out of the update panels i'm not sure what to try next.