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WebTab - DisplayMode = MultiRow - turn off reordering

I am using Version=16.1.20161.2117 and have displaymode set to multirow.  when a tab is clicked all of the tabs are reordered bringing the row containing the clicked tab down closest to the display panel.

I would like the tabs to remain in their original order.

I searched telerik's website and the have a property for their Tab Strip to enable/disable this behavior

If this cannot be suppressed we will be forced to abandon infragistics controls as our userbase is voicing their complaints about this.

Can this behavior be suppressed with infragistics webtab?

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    Hello Akcia,

    After investigating multiRow display mode in webTab and doing some research, fixing the tabs to their original position has been determined to be a new product idea. You can suggest new product ideas for future versions (or vote for existing ones) at <>.

    Submitting your idea will allow you to communicate directly with our product management team, track the progress of your idea at any time, see how many votes it got, read comments from other developers in the community, and see if someone from the product team has additional questions for you.

    Remember when submitting your idea to explain the context in which a feature would be used and why it is needed as well as anything that would prevent you from accomplishing this today. You can even add screenshots to build a stronger case. Remember that for your suggestion to be successful, you need other members of the community to vote for it.  You can also link back to this thread for additional details.

    Thank you in advance to submitting your product idea.

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