this field does not have summary information

I started working with Webdatagrid in asp.net and using summaries

I got exception like 'this field does not summary information. Make sure that AddSummary method was called prior to data binding.

I didn't get any related solution till now

Please give the solution for this

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    Hello bhavani,

    To enable summary functionality in WebDataGrid you only have to enable summary in grid's behaviors collection by adding the following code:

    <ig:SummaryRow Enabled="true" />

    In order to help you with the exception you reported we would need exception's full stacktrace and a running sample application demonstrating the problem. Could you please log a support case using the link bellow (you have to be logged into your account) and provide exception's full stacktrace and a running sample demonstrating the problem.


    best regards,

    Bobby Kulov,

    Infragistics Developer Support

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