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Reg : WebDataTree loading more than 50000 records


We need to load more than 50000 records under the single node or 50000 parent nodes in WebDataTree.

Kindly let us know if there is an option for load more functionality / Paging functionality if any as it's not loaded in IE browser. 


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    Offline posted

    Hello Giridhar,

    Thank you for contacting the Infragistics support!

    The WebDataTree control supports loading on demand but I think this feature will not meet your needs in the given scenario. The loading on demand is working on level criteria. This means that certain levels of nodes are preloaded when the control is rendered. And after you expand a node – its’ children are loaded. Therefore, this feature is suitable if you have plenty of levels in your control. But in your case, you need to load all the nodes at the same time.

    What I can suggest is to place all the 50000+ nodes under a single parent node and enable Loading on demand. This will guarantee that the control will load really fast when your users open the page and if they do not need to interact with the tree, the nodes will never be loaded. However, if you know that all of your users will interact with the DataTree, then this will not save you the loading. Of course, as you are talking about 50000+ parent nodes – you can take advantage on the load on demand feature for their children but those 50000+ nodes will be loaded at the same time as they are on the same level.

    Here you can find more information on this feature and a working example of Load on demand:

    However, I think more suitable control for your scenario would be the WebDropDown (as it has Load on demand and Paging features) or the WebHierarchicalGrid. Aside from loading on demand and paging, those controls provide filtering which may be a good addition. You can have a look at those controls and see If they meet your needs.

    Thank you once more for using Infragistics ASP.NET!

    If you need any additional help – do not hesitate to contact me again.

    Best regards, Alexander Marinov