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How to exempt a:link style from a WebDataMenu?

Hy Guys,

My web site use a global stylesheet that have the following style in it:

A:link {

  color: #333399;

  text-decoration: underline; }

A:visited {

  text-decoration: underline;

  color: #333399; }

When I use the WebDataMenu with StyleSet (Office2007Black), all items are underlined with forecolor #333399.

Usually root Items menu in Office2007Black styleset are not underlined. Also the forecolor is White.

It works fine if I remove A:link and a:visited from my stylesheet but I don't want to do that.

Is there a way to exempt the link behavior only for the WebDataMenu in order to have the real Office2007Black style?

<ig:WebDataMenu ID="WebDataMenu1" runat="server" StyleSetName="Office2007Black" >

<GroupSettings Orientation="Horizontal" />



Thanks you.

Marc Lamontagne, Eng.

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    Offline posted

    Hey Marc Lamontagne,

    You are using global style that is applied to all a:link elements and this is causing the undeline text decoration of the root menu items.

    You can assign to the items CssClass that is removing the text-decoration or to a more specific style to the menu items by using a CSS selector.