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WebDataTree - Error when focusing via Javascript

We have a project that uses the WebDataTree for the main menu. When upgrading to the latest service release of 2017.2  the code that we use to see the keyboard focus to the tree fails (error details below). We are using the following code to put the keyboard focus on the tree.

var trTree = $find("trMainMenu");
var feTree = trTree.get_focusElement();

It looks like the fix to Bug #242338 is causing the problem. In the code below "aNode" is null, so aNode._get_owner() fails.

// I.G. 12/Dec/2017 Bug #242338 When tree is in template of WebExplorerBar first node that is selected always remains selected.
//getItemFromElem(elemAtPoint) returns any node element (because it only ckecks for address) and so it can return an WebDataTree node instead of a WebExplorerBar one.
// There should be a make sure it is an WebExplorerBar node.
if (aNode._get_owner() !== this) {
    aNode = null;

Can you please confirm that this is an issue, caused by your bug fix and advise on when we can expect this issue to be resolved.

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